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  • SAFETY: Our guide staff is bilingual and has international certifications such as UIAGM (International Union of Mountain Guides Associations), UIMLA (International Union of Mountain Leader Associations), and AGMP (Association of Mountain Guides of Peru). Our staff undergoes regular training from our mountain and trekking guides with annual updates on guiding techniques, rescue, and evacuation. We also provide annual courses in Wilderness First Responder and Risk Management. Our reservation staff is available to communicate in English, French, and Italian.
  • QUALITY: At EXPE PERU, we have high-quality standards, and our goal is to continuously improve in everything we do. We define quality by the effectiveness of our procedures that lead to the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, colleagues, retail and wholesale agencies. Thanks to our Quality Management System, we can ensure the smoothness, professionalism, and profitability of our tourist experiences designs, their marketing, our reservation process, our operations, and also in our after-sales process. As a company registered in Dircetur, according to the Tourism Law’s requirements, we have Risk Prevention and Management Procedures, Emergency Response Plans, and comply with current legal requirements. We train our staff to provide better services and grow professionally and personally.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: At EXPE PERU, we are committed to sustainability at all levels: our activities are environmentally respectful, socioculturally equitable, economically fair and profitable. We have a long-term vision, so we involve both our customers in the continuous improvement process, as well as our carefully selected suppliers and our staff, whom we train in sustainable best practices.
  • TEAMWORK: At EXPE PERU, we understand that our strength and competitive advantage is and will always be our people. Our team spirit unites us. We work to achieve our common goal of sharing experiences. We cooperate, collaborate, and help each other to create a participatory and motivating work environment.
  • SPACE FOR INNOVATION: At EXPE PERU, we are open to ideas that challenge the ordinary and the existing. We invite everyone to seek new services, new ways of doing the known, innovating in what is currently being done. We believe that EXPE PERU can grow as a tour operator and our staff can learn for their work and private life.


EXPE PERU’s mission is to offer national and international passengers high-quality, safe, and environmentally, socio-culturally, and economically sustainable adventure and cultural tourism experiences in the Peruvian Cordillera and throughout the Andes.
We believe that tourism can transform parts of our lives, contributing to the regeneration of our planet. Through innovative experiences in all elements of nature, we provide knowledge, appreciation, and alternatives for sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage. We tailor our proposals to the level and experience of our clients.
With the aim of providing experiences that allow you to explore with all your senses, we design regular and private half-day, full-day, and multi-day excursions, transfers, services of multilingual guides, and accommodations in the White Cordillera, Huayhuash, and the Southern Vilcanota Cordillera, as well as in the Cordilleras of Bolivia and Argentina.


Our vision at EXPE PERU is to become the best national tour operator in the Ancash, Cusco and Arequipa regions, with extensions in Bolivia and Argentina, and the preferred provider for wholesale tour operators, independent tourists and companies seeking adventure tourism experiences.

We aim to grow as a sustainable business, increasing the profitability of our operations while working in an environmentally responsible, economically fair and socially inclusive way. We want to be an example of a company that designs and develops sustainable and high-quality tourism experiences at a national level, continually surprising our surroundings with our innovation, professionalism, and commitment.

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